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Ensuring your hard-earned savings is there for generations to come.

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The Key to Generational Wealth

Did you know that 70% of all wealth is lost after the second generation? The idea that any wealth you generate over the course of your career will dwindle away with the next generation might make you feel like you’ve let the air out of a balloon. Let’s explore why generational wealth doesn’t often work in practice, and how we can solve that problem in our own families and financial planning strategies.

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Should 70 Be The New Retirement Age

Traditionally, the socially accepted age of retirement has been 65, which was the age in which you can first receive your full retirement benefit from the Social Security Administration. Does it still make sense to continue to benchmark our appropriate retirement age with when we are to receive our social security benefits? As we continue to live longer as a society, can continue to retire in our sixties and be able to fund our lifestyles for 20 to 30 plus years? If you are on the verge of retirement I hope these are questions that have come up in your most recent visit to your financial advisor.

Retirement Planning
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How Do You Feel?

Many people hire financial advisors thinking that those advisors will provide them with better investment returns, pay less in taxes, and provide them with more income. Many financial advisors see themselves as star investment managers, tax-reduction experts or crystal-ball future seers. These advisors are like surgeons who take pride in their surgical skills but would prefer to keep their interactions with patients limited to the operating room.

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