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Ensuring your hard-earned savings is there for generations to come.

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How Do You Feel?

Many people hire financial advisors thinking that those advisors will provide them with better investment returns, pay less in taxes, and provide them with more income. Many financial advisors see themselves as star investment managers, tax-reduction experts or crystal-ball future seers. These advisors are like surgeons who take pride in their surgical skills but would prefer to keep their interactions with patients limited to the operating room.

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Staying Financially Organized

Every day we are involved in so many transactions. Each of these transactions results in some type of paperwork. It’s like we live our lives in a constant blizzard of receipts, invoices, statements, deposits and withdrawals, purchases and sales – in paper and electronic format. How can you stay organized and keep track of all these transactions? Paper-based file folders? That basket on the kitchen counter?

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