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A Time to Think and Dream  Thumbnail

A Time to Think and Dream


About this time each year many folks start to think about retirement.  For some, that day might be in the distant future and they might wonder if they are putting enough funds aside each month to eventually fund the lifestyle of their dreams.  Others might be much closer to the actual act of trading days of work for days of leisure, volunteering and travel. 

For those folks, the decisions and information to be considered can be overwhelming.  Estimating retirement cash flows and income, estimating expenses, tax issues, Medicare, social security or public pension decisions, downsizing of housing, moving to a new location, and the list goes on. 

It might be worthwhile to sit down and talk with us about all of these issues.  We might be able to clarify the information, develop a plan including income and expense projections and simplify a very complex and confusing life change. 

First we would review your present financial position as well as your goals and objectives.  We would then do a few calculations to determine your retirement income sources including distributions from your accumulated retirement savings.   Next comes a review of your monthly expenses including tax payments and health insurance costs.  We’ll review your estate planning documents and let experts, either yours or ours, update anything necessary.  And voilà, there will be your retirement road map. 

We will create a low-cost globally diversified investment portfolio designed to support your required income in the face of a rising cost world while continuing to grow so as to provide for your needs for the remainder of your life. 

We will plan for any remaining assets to be distributed to your children and grandchildren – or to your favorite charities - so as to make a meaningful impact on their lives or the lives of others. 

We will monitor your progress each year and make any necessary adjustments.  And we will always put you and your family’s interest ahead of our own. 

As stewards of your lifetime savings, we will care for and protect your assets as you would.  We will never accept any compensation, referral fee or commission from anyone other than the fee our clients pay us directly.  We will put that in writing.  It’s the least you should expect from any financial advisor in which you might consider placing your trust. 

Call us for an appointment and stop in to discuss how we might work together to achieve the lifetime of your dreams.