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Spring Cleaning: Time to Tidy Up Thumbnail

Spring Cleaning: Time to Tidy Up


Life moves fast.  When we are taking care of our families, taking on more at work, paying attention to our kid’s schoolwork and all that life throws at us – who has time to get their financial house in order?  A fee-only Certified Financial Planner™ can assist you in bringing order to the things that seem to get put off to another day.

Are you setting enough aside so that down the road – when you can no longer earn your income through your physical labors – you can continue to have an income from your savings?  If the unexpected happens before that plan is completed will your family have enough income to maintain their lifestyle?  Do you have enough liquid cash to cover any immediate emergency that might arise?  Do you have a will and a durable power of attorney?  Are you minimizing the taxes you pay?  Are your beneficiary designations up to date?  Do you have retirement accounts with former employers that are neglected and could be consolidated to provide better monitoring and control?  Are you making the most of your retirement savings to provide the optimum income that keeps pace with an ever increasing cost of living and that you cannot outlive?

With an ever increasing array of financial products and services available, a caring fee-only planner can bring simplification and order to the chaos.  They can act as an interpreter to the complex and foreign language of your financial life.  They can help you to understand what you own or what you need, how it works, and how much it costs.

But they also provide something much more powerful.  In a very chaotic and unpredictable world they can apply a disciplined and thoughtful response to all the noise.  This discipline can be invaluable when the world becomes turbulent and your emotional behavior may lead you to make an inappropriate and very expensive decision.

Fee-only CFP® financial planners don’t earn commissions or any other compensation from the sale of products.  They only earn the fee you pay them directly.  They work for you and place your interest ahead of everything else.  Unlike brokers and insurance agents who work for financial firms selling products, fee-only professionals only work for you.

Spring is here and it is the perfect time to clean up your financial house.  Give us a call if we can help to tidy up.