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The Secret to Success Thumbnail

The Secret to Success

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According to Albert E.N. Gray’s classic, The New Common Denominator of Success, the secret of success of every person who has ever been successful... lies in the fact that they formed the habit of doing the things that failures don't like to do.

Don’t even kid yourself with those New Year’s resolutions.  Most of us won’t carry them out for very long and they will be quickly forgotten.  It seems the only way to make good on those goals and objectives is to form habits that will cause you to automatically do the simple but difficult tasks necessary for success.

Looking to lose weight?  Who do you think has a better chance of success – someone who reads a weight loss article in a magazine or someone who hires a personal trainer? 

Looking to improve your job prospects?  Who has the upper hand – someone who watches interview techniques on the internet or someone who hires a life improvement coach? 

So it is with your personal finances.  Why don’t more people have the money necessary to support their standard of living for the remainder of their lives?  Why are so many people hurt by the constantly rising cost of living?  Why do so many people get hurt by bad decisions when investing?  Why are so many people under-protected from life’s catastrophes?  Because they are incapable of forming the habits necessary to be successful all by themselves.  It’s just too difficult to break the bonds of complacency and move to an uncomfortable process of forming successful habits alone.

It’s not easy to have faith, patience, and discipline.  It’s not easy to trust a professional with the details necessary for them to help you.  It’s not easy to forego the spending today to set aside for tomorrow.  But it’s important and critical for success.  It’s not easy to continue buying stocks in your retirement plan when the markets are in free fall.  It’s not easy to allocate funds into assets that are underperforming.   It’s not easy to buy life insurance when you think you’ll never need it.  None of it is easy, but it’s critical for success.

It’s not easy to turn off the financial talking heads on TV and the internet.   It’s difficult to ignore the constant barrage of financial marketing designed to induce fear and greed and compel you to make bad decisions just so the brokers can make a commission.  But you must.

If you are truly serious about making a change this year and becoming successful in achieving your goals and objectives, hire a trusted, professional advisor and begin to form the habits necessary for success.  

If you and your life savings are being ignored or feeling taken advantage of, come join our family. We are a family-owned financial planning and investment advisory firm who promise to treat you like family. No products. No hard sell. No gimmicks. Just honest advice based on four decades of experience.